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This selection is for members who are joining the club or renewing a membership and do not require assistance finding a boat assignment . Your contact information will be collected at check out.

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Campaign to Round Up - This donation does not support the operating budget. It goes into escrow for capital purchases such as a new boat:  

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Boat Name:
What boat will you be sailing on? If you don't know, say unassigned.

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We strongly encourage all sailors to join US Sailing whose mission is to encourage participation and promote excellence in sailing and sailboat racing in the US. This mission is accomplished through volunteers and member organizations and an administrative staff. You may join on this form or on their website where you will find a link to our club account on our website under US Sailing MVP link. The BHSC follows the USSA rules for the Member Partner Program.

US Sailing Number:
If you are a US Sailing member, what is your ID number?

Membership Packet:
Regular Members will ONLY receive a members packet if they check off one or more of the following documents. The membership journal is also listed digitally in the member area of the website.
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Weekend Regatta Registration forms
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