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Memberships - Crew Bank Membership
This selection will list your information for skipper review and establishes a one year club membership. Once you are selected for a boat, you will be converted to regular member status.
To join crew bank as a youth, please go to "Junior Member"

Configurable Options

This product/service has some options which you can choose from below to customise your order.

US Sailing Individual:  
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Additional Required Information

This product/service requires some additional information from you to allow us to process your order.

How did you hear about the club:

Have you sailed before:

Have you raced before:

What position are you most hoping for:
No guarantee you will get the position you select but we will try.

Give us an overview of your sailing resume:
How long you have sailed, what kind of boats, what your strengths are and what you feel you need to work on. Be specific as you never know what might attract a skipper.

Permission to print application in E-News:
I give the Buffalo Harbor Sailing Club permission to print my application in the monthly E-News for skipper review.